An Orange County Divorce Lawyer Shares Some Dos and Donts for Co-Parenting After a Divorce

As an experienced Orange County divorce lawyer knows, successful co-parenting after divorce is tough. For knowledgeable answers to some of your basic questions, consult a qualified divorce attorney.

Orange-County-divorce-lawyer-300x199Parenting between happily married couples is hard enough. Divorced parents face special challenges. While no Orange County divorce lawyer can promise easy solutions, here are some dos and don’ts which can help.

Do: Remember the Golden Rule. Do unto your ex as you would like him/her to do onto you. As your Orange County divorce attorney can attest, the more hassle you give your ex at transfer time, the more he or she is likely to give it back to you. Keep it civil. Remember that it is about the kids, not you and your issues.

Do: Have fun with your kids. As your Orange County divorce attorney may advise, resist the urge to go overboard with “guilt presents.” If you have to go shopping, buy things they need versus things they want.

Do: Remember that your kids’ best interests are paramount. Courts may seek the children’s input, but you and your ex are in charge of where they live.

Don’t: Never use your kids as spies or to run interference with your ex. Listen to them, but unless you suspect a health hazard, your Orange County divorce lawyer knows that you will run the risk of alienating them forever.

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