Civil Harassment Restraining Orders

A civil harassment restraining order is a court order that helps protect people from violence, stalking, serious harassment, or threats of violence.

A person can ask for a civil harassment restraining order if a person has abused (or threatened to abuse), sexually assaulted, stalked, or seriously harassed you, AND
you are scared or seriously annoyed or harassed.

A civil harassment restraining order can be requested if the harassment is by a neighbor,roommate, friend, a family member more than 2 degrees removed, (aunt/uncle, niece/nephew, cousins, etc) OR other people you are not closely related to.

The person you want to restrain cannot be your spouse/partner or former spouse/partner, someone you previously dated, or a close relative (parent, child, brother, sister, grandmother, grandfather, in-law).

Bethanie L. Fanti has handled numerous civil harassment restraining orders and knows the procedure and requirements. She can help you obtain a restraining order or defend against a restraining order.

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