Child Abuse Central Index Frequently Asked Questions

What Information Will I Be Provided by the DOJ?

When you are provided notice that your name is listed on the CACI the notice will include the following information:

  • the name of the county that conducted the investigation
  • whether the county determined the child abuse to be inconclusive or substantiated
  • the victim’s name and a very brief description of the alleged abuse
  • notice that you have a right to a grievance hearing
  • a form to request a grievance hearing
  • a copy of the grievance procedures

How Long Do I Have to Request A Grievance Hearing?

From the date you receive the notice from the DOJ you have a very short period of 30 days to request a grievance hearing.  There are very few specific exceptions to requesting a hearing after the 30 day period.  It is very important to contact an attorney immediately to ensure that you meet all timing requirements.

What Happens After I Request A Hearing?

After you have requested a hearing a hearing date must be set within 10 business days and must be heard within 60 calendar days.  Depending on the county the hearing may need to be continued in order to allow the attorney to obtain necessary Social Services records and Police Reports.  It is important to have an attorney to inspect so they can inspect the documents the County intends to present into evidence and gather all necessary evidence to present your case.

What Happens At The Grievance Hearing?

The hearing is a very informal administrative hearing.  The county will present their evidence and have their witnesses testify.  Your attorney will have an opportunity to cross examine their witnesses.  Your attorney will then have the opportunity to present your case, evidence and question witnesses in your defense.  The attorneys make closing arguments to the hearing officer and the matter is concluded.  The hearing officer then has a period of 30-60 days to mail their decision to all attorneys.

What Happens if I Do Nothing Once I Receive Notice I’m Listed on CACI?

Your name will be listed on the CACI for a period of 10 years.  If any further findings are made regarding child abuse and/or neglect your name will remain on the CACI for the remainder of your life.  Since these are very serious consequences it is very important to contact an attorney immediately.

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