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Bethanie L. Fanti is able to help clients resolve any family law problem, whether the matter relates to divorce/domestic partnership or child custody.  We know the legal process is unfamiliar to most people and guide clients through complex issues.

Listed below are some of the legal matters we handle in our family law practice:

Divorce/Domestic Partnership – Mrs. Fanti understands that clients face significant stress and anxiety.  Her organized approach to divorce and related matters helps remove some of the uncertainty when dealing with challenges involving divorce.

Spousal Support – Spousal support is frequently a negotiated matter in California, with the court having significant leeway when determining support awards.  Mrs. Fanti works with clients on the support calculations to find the best possible outcome.

Child Custody – Child custody is often the most important issue in divorce.  Mrs. Fanti strives to develop solutions that benefit children and work for parents.

Child Support – Mrs. Fanti explains the California child support formula to clients and ensures that all relevant factors are included when the court determines the support order.

Domestic Violence – Mrs. Fanti has handled many domestic violence cases and has been successful in both getting restraining orders granted and defending against restraining orders.  Mrs. Fanti realizes that this is a traumatic and emotional time and assists clients in getting the protection needed.

Move Away Disputes – Parental relocations can be hotly contested matters.  Mrs. Fanti advocates for clients who are seeking to move or who hope to prevent the other parent from moving.

Division of Property – Mrs. Fanti assists clients in resolving as many property disputes outside of court as possible.  All issues that are unable to settle outside of court are brought before the court for the best possible outcome.

Guardianship – When parents are unable to care for their children and others want to step in and take care of those children, Mrs. Fanti understands how important and conflicted this process can be and assists clients through the process.

Grandparent Rights – Mrs. Fanti understands the important relationship with grandchildren and assists clients in obtaining court ordered visitation.

Dependency Matters – It is terrifying when Child Protective Services is involved and children are removed from the home.  Mrs. Fanti helps make the transition as smooth as possible and helps clients get their children back as soon as possible.

Paternity Actions – When parents are not married and they need help determining paternity and/or custody, Mrs. Fanti helps clients through this difficult time.

Step Parent Adoptions – When a step parent takes over the role as a parent and wants to complete the adoption process Mrs. Fanti assists in the required court process and makes it as smooth as possible.

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