Creating Age-Specific Contact Schedules After Divorce

Parents are responsible for the welfare of their children even after a divorce. An Orange County family lawyer can assist you in developing a contact schedule with your children and advise you regarding ways to maintain a healthy relationship with your children.

Orange-County-family-lawyer-300x199 (1)Be Balanced

Your Orange County family lawyer will advise you and your spouse that children from six to twelve years old require both responsible and leisure time at both spouses’ residences.

Children’s education—Both parents should consider the kids’ school obligations and previous criteria for preschoolers before allowing the children to stay overnight. The children’s education should be a priority for both parents, and each home must establish a set schedule for bedtime and homework time. The children should finish the same school homework or other project at both homes.

Prolonged summer stays—Both parents can enjoy extended summer stays with their children, but as your Orange County family lawyer will remind you, the children must remain in contact with both spouses.

Your Orange County family lawyer will also urge the spouses to be involved in their children’s lives by committing to carpooling and supervision of the children’s activity.

Don’t Neglect Your Teenagers

An Orange County family attorney will inform you that you must monitor your teenagers as much as you would your younger children.

It is important to cater to the needs of all school-age children, and can assist you in creating parenting methods and contact schedules that are reliable and consistent but also flexible to your children’s changing needs. For instance, if your teenage children want less contact time to socialize with their friends, both parents should commit to carpooling or taking on chaperone roles so that your teens can function independently while under adult supervision. Both parents should be responsive if their children want to adjust contact, such as inviting friends into the schedule.

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