An Orange County Child Custody Lawyer Gives Advice for Shared Parenting

Need advice for shared parenting after divorce? Look no further than an Orange County child custody lawyer. They have a wealth of information on how to make the process go more smoothly.

Orange-County-child-custody-lawyer-300x209Orange County Child Custody Lawyers Discuss Keeping Logs

Orange County child custody attorneys often tell clients to keep what’s called a “kid’s log.” A kid’s log is a collection of facts about your children—including their activities and any problems that arise—and is often shared between parents.

Orange County Child Custody Lawyers Know the Importance of Sharing Information

Sharing information about the kids with your ex-spouse is very important. It is one of the reasons for keeping the log mentioned above. But it is equally important to share things such as the children’s schedules, which should be copied so that both parents know what is going on.

Orange County Child Custody Lawyers Discuss Child Support

Finally, it is of the utmost importance that you faithfully execute your child support duties. It may be difficult, but not carrying them out will hurt your children even worse. Try not to think of the checks you write as a payment to your spouse—they’re not. The money is for your kids, and your kids alone.

For More Information about Child Custody, Call an Orange County Child Custody Lawyer

Divorce can be an extremely stressful and difficult process, for both you and your children. An experienced and knowledgeable Orange County child custody lawyer can help you deal with this trying time. For more information, call Bethanie Fanti at 714-505-3108.

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