A Family Law Attorney in Orange County Discusses Parenting Plans and the Needs of Children Ages 0-2 Years

family law attorney in Orange County will advise that a priority for children from 0-2 years of age is a secure emotional attachment with their protective caregivers. Parents thus need to provide that security with consistency.

Different Stages of Attachment

Your family law attorney in Orange County knows that children under 2 months typically respond equally to anyone in a caregiver role. They begin to choose and prefer their primary caregiver after about 6 months. Preferred caregivers are actively sought after 2 years, and after 15 months, children may protest any separation.


Distress is normal for children when they leave one or both of their parents, but your family law lawyer in Orange County will advise that if parents are aggressive or emotionally unresponsive as a result of their problems—or if they argue, fight or are abusive to one another in front children—even babies may become clingy and frightened and/or exhibit sleep or eating disorders.

Parenting Plans

family-law-attorney-in-Orange-County-300x199Children from 0-2 years of age need safe, secure, calm and stable environments; therefore, your family law lawyer in Orange County will advise creating parenting plans that provide stable, frequent and consistently scheduled contact. Contact should take place more frequently than every other weekend. Separation anxiety and failure to bond may result with inadequate contact. Sleep and feeding schedules should be coordinated between parents, and disputes, which are harmful to children, should be quickly resolved.

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