Parenting your teens during a divorce

During and after a divorce, your adolescent children will require a strong parenting team and an open line of communication with you. Enlisting the aid of an attentive Orange County family lawyer can help you navigate the legal waters of divorce while you work on raising healthy and happy teens.

A period of transition

Orange-County-family-lawyer-150x150During this period of transition, your teen is already shifting in how he or she balances relationships with family and friends. As friends become the most important part of their lives and they begin to seek independence from their families, they enter a sensitive period of self-discovery that may involve new experiences at home, in school, with friends, or even with drugs, alcohol, love and sex.

Teens often find themselves in vulnerable situations as they encounter these new experiences, even if they feel invincible. This can be a worrisome mix for parents, who still need to keep up a strong relationship with their kids. An Orange County family lawyer can advise you on what to expect from your teenage children during a divorce.

Effects of divorce

While most teens experiment during these formative years, the experience of a divorce can speed up negative exposure to destructive experiences. For example, an adolescent may react to conflict in the home by getting involved in drugs, skipping school, or engaging in sexual activity.

They may act out of anger, fear, resentment, or numerous other feelings created by the divorce. Your teen will be mourning the loss of the family even as they pull closer to their friends, and may fear for the stability, financial or otherwise, of their own future.

At this period it’s extremely important for parents to work together as a team and set clear boundaries for their children, maintaining consistent supervision and involvement. Your teen needs to see his or her parents acting like good role models and demonstrating healthy conduct for them to emulate.

To learn more about raising healthy children during and after a divorce, speak with an experienced Orange County family lawyer. Call Bethanie Fanti at (714) 505-3108 to discuss your needs and to schedule an initial consultation.

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