Your Children’s Needs after Divorce

After a divorce, it can be incredibly challenging for parents to maintain the stable, reassuring environment that their children rely on. But your Orange County family attorney can be a powerful tool to help you achieve consistent parenting and support in the aftermath of a divorce.

Children need consistent routines when transitioning between parents, and the opportunity to grow independent from his or her parents. If these needs are not addressed, a child may experience separation distress, which may lead to disputes between the parents over perceived neglect or abuse resulting from the child’s behavior.

Orange-County-family-attorney-150x150Schedules that allow for extensive contact with both parents may require both parents to develop a thorough plan that meets the needs of the child.  This can be accomplished with three weekly contacts that last three to six hours, or two contacts – one lasting three to six hours and the other overnight.  Greater contact can be achieved with extended day and overnight visits, preferably accompanied by a nanny since children can form multiple attachments when more than one caregiver is present.

Your Orange County family attorney knows that consistent, predictable and stable caretaking arrangements are beneficial for your young child. When extensive time will be spent by the child in more than one household, his or her room should be as identical as possible in both homes.  This includes using the same detergent to wash bedding and clothes, and using the same soap to wash the child.

As much as possible, the child’s routines and procedures should also be identical.  A consistent schedule for sleeping and feeding is more important than providing a similar visual environment.  Keeping a daily notebook in which to record routines, sleep and wake cycles, eating amounts and times, and developmental milestones will be very beneficial and should travel with the child.

If parents have a high degree of conflict when discussing and developing child care, an Orange County family attorney may advise the use of a therapist mediator to assist in the process.

If you have questions concerning divorce and/or childcare, and would like to visit with an experienced and knowledgeable Orange County family attorney, please contact Bethanie Fanti at 714-505-3108.

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