How to Handle Conflicts Between Spouse During Divorce

Minimizing Conflict during Divorce

If you are facing a grueling and tiresome divorce, an Orange County child custody lawyer can provide not only legal advice, but sound counsel and wise guidance as well. No matter how hard couples try to avoid conflict during the divorce process, it is bound to arise and cause stressful situations. The best ways to handle conflict may differ from couple to couple, but the following tips may be helpful as you endure the lengthy dissolution process.

  • Make a conscious decision to change the way you communicate with your spouse. Communication is the backbone of any relationship, and clearly as you face divorce you are realizing that perhaps your old methods did not translate well. Use this as an opportunity to try different techniques and effectuate productive conversations with your soon-to-be ex.
  • Plan your key discussion points prior to engaging in conversation with your spouse. If you vow to keep the conversation limited to a small number of fundamental topics, hopefully the discourse will stay organized, on-point and brief, leaving less room for conflict.
  • Avoid knee-jerk reactions to everything your spouse says. Implement a plan that will work for you whereby you take a breath and wait at least one second before responding. This allows you to avoid reacting harshly and may circumvent the escalation of an otherwise non-toxic discussion. Orange-County-child-custody-lawyer-300x199
  • When communicating with you soon-to-be ex-spouse, remember to focus on the issue and its solutions and avoid personal attacks, name-calling and character assassinations. Your Orange County child custody lawyer will probably tell you that she has seen her share of below-the-belt comments made between feuding spouses and it almost never leads to a sound conflict resolution.

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