Child Custody Arrangements and Solutions

Child Contact Guidelines after a Divorce

For many people, the toughest aspect of a divorce is figuring out how to manage the children while ensuring they have adequate time to spend with each parent. As your Orange County family attorney, I can vouch for the fact that, while difficult, managing the inherent emotional adjustment of living in separate homes is not impossible and your family can make it through these adjustments in a positive way.

Monitor Your Child’s Emotional Needs

Orange-County-Family-Attorney-259x300Your children may be experiencing new emotions and might be unsure how to handle these feelings. Allow each child an opportunity to express feelings and emotions in a healthy way. Always answer your children’s questions as honestly as possible and share your children’s concerns with the other parent. One way to help with the emotional processing of divorce is to seek to maintain each child’s normal life as much as possible. Try to keep your children enrolled in the activities they enjoy and make yourself available to assist with school projects and homework.

Never Alienate the Other Parent

Despite your differences and grievances toward your ex-spouse, that person is still your children’s parent. When children hear one parent bad-mouthing the other, they take those insults to mean there is something wrong with them, seeing as they are one-half of each parent. As yourOrange County family attorney will explain, parental alienation is highly frowned-upon by the courts and could lead to an alteration in your custody and visitation schedule.

Keep Children Informed

Assuming it is age-appropriate, keep the children informed of the visitation schedule and consider posting a calendar highlighting the weekends the children will be with one parent or the other. Give the child time to anticipate upcoming events and this will result in less uncertainty for everyone.

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