Support Modifications

Because all families go through changes over time, requests for modifications to support orders are common.  Whether you are seeking a modification or opposing one requested by your spouse, a family lawyer can significantly improve your chances of success.

Support modification requests are common in both the spousal support context and the child support context.  While there is overlap in the approach used to address each type, there are certain features that are unique to each.

Spousal Support

The primary purpose of spousal support is to assist a spouse through the transition from married life to single life.  For this reason, spousal support is generally not intended to be permanent.  After all, once a spouse “gets on his or her feet” and no longer needs support, it would be unfair to require the supporting spouse to continue paying.

As a supported spouse moves toward independence, it may become necessary to request a modification to the spousal support order to reduce the amount of support.  On the other hand, if a supported spouse is not yet independent but the supporting spouse requests a modification, he or she may need to oppose the request for modification.

Child Support

Child support orders are usually crafted from statutory child support guidelines.  Thus, you may be able to estimate how much child support to expect by simply reviewing the guidelines. However, as job situations and financial situations change, so does the reasonable amount of child support a spouse can be expected to pay.  If a change in your circumstances necessitates a modification of your child support order, a family lawyer can assist you in petitioning for the change.

We Can Help

In light of the constant changes that occur in family life, it is almost inevitable that at some point you will need to request and/or oppose a support modification.  For a free consultation and to obtain professional guidance through the process, please contact Bethanie Fanti, Esq. at (888) 764-2615.

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