What is a DCSS Hearing?

A DCSS hearing is an administrative hearing conducted by the state during which you have an opportunity to present evidence and argument regarding your dispute with your Local Child Support Agency.  While some people choose to handle DCSS hearings themselves, others choose to hire a family lawyer to advocate their rights.

Who Conducts the Hearing?

DCSS hearings are conducted by administrative law judges (ALJs) working under the purview of the Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH).  The ALJs are not in any way affiliated with the DCSS or Local Child Support Agencies and are impartial to your claim.

When Will I be Granted a Hearing Date?

Your DCSS hearing will be scheduled within 45 days of your request to the OAH.  You will receive a notice stating the date and time of your hearing.  If you are unable to attend your assigned hearing date, you will need to establish good cause for the OAH to continue your hearing to another date

When Will the ALJ reach a decision?

The ALJ who presides over your hearing will issue a written decision within 45 days after the record closes.  DCSS will mail a copy of the decision to you and include instructions for how to appeal it.

What if I Change my Mind about Requesting a Hearing?

If you decide you do not need a DCSS hearing, you can withdraw your request any time before the ALJ’s decision is finalized.  You should contact the OAH and inform them of this change soon as possible to avoid the release of a decision.

We Can Help

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