An Orange County Family Lawyer Discusses Issues in Placing Value on Stock and Deferred Payment Plans in Divorce Property Settlements

An Orange County family lawyer discusses how to value stock or deferred payment plans with a view toward a fair divorce property settlement. If you are going through a divorce, it will be in your best interests to consult an attorney who knows how to address these issues. 

Determining the Value of a Marital Estate

Orange-County-family-lawyer-300x229As your Orange County family attorney can explain, in order to negotiate a fair divorce property settlement, you must determine the true value of all the property owned by parties to the marriage. This valuation becomes problematic when the property or benefit is something like a stock ownership plan or deferred payment plan owed to one of the spouses.

Stock Ownership Plans

Stock plans are easiest to value when they are publicly traded. Usually, the value is the market value on a specific date. Privately held stock is tougher to value and will often depend on what percentage of the company the stock represents. Let your Orange County family lawyer refer you to an expert to resolve valuation questions such as these.

Deferred Payment Plans

Employers sometimes compensate employees in the future by making a series of fixed payments upon their retirement. Again, your Orange County family attorney will most likely advise hiring an expert to determine the present day value of this type of asset.

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