How to Successfully Co-Parent After a Divorce

Divorce can be extremely stressful for both spouses and for their children. In order to reduce the negative impact of divorce on children, parents need to be aware of how to successfully co-parent after this significant change in their lives. To help with this difficult ordeal, your Orange County spousal support attorney will advise you to consider the following tips:

Orange-County-spousal-support-attorney-300x223Children Need Structure

One of the most important aspects of successful shared parenting is maintaining structure for your children. Children of all ages need structure in their lives in order to develop normally and enjoy a feeling of security. Therefore, you and your ex-spouse should create a schedule that provides stability for your children based on their needs, not yours.

Create a Calendar

Another tip your Orange County spousal support attorney will give you is to create a calendar that clearly highlights what days the children will be with their mother and what days they will be with their father. Each parent should have a duplicate copy of this calendar. This will help to create the structure that your children need. It will also help both parents to plan their schedules accordingly so that they will be available for their children when it is their time to be with them.

Have an Emergency Plan

You may not plan to have an emergency, but you should always be ready to deal with one. Dealing with a child’s emergency should not fall on the shoulders of just one parent. It is not only unfair to that parent, but it will also suggest to the child that the other uninvolved parent does not care. You and your spouse should create a plan as to who should deal with what type of emergency.

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