Minimizing Conflict in Child Custody Cases

Are you having problems resolving issues with your spouse or ex-partner? It is easy for tempers to flare and for things to get out of hand. Your Orange County child custody lawyer is there to help you in these situations. The following are just some suggestions to help you minimize conflict:

  • Orange-County-child-custody-lawyer-300x199 (1)Admit that you have some blame in the problem. Let your spouse know that you want to help fix the problem.
  • Restate your spouse’s complaints in your own words. Let your spouse know that you are listening to what he or she is saying. Try to help your spouse feel like you understand where he or she is coming from.
  • Put your response between two positive statements. This will help your spouse not to feel attacked. First acknowledge that your spouse has been helpful, then state your request or response, and end by thanking your spouse.
  • Try using softer introductory phrases. Keep from antagonizing or making your spouse feel the need to defend himself or herself. Use phrases like, “Maybe we could ____” or “Perhaps we could try ___.”
  • Speaking more quietly and slowly. If your spouse begins to raise his or her voice or speak more rapidly, do not let your temper get the best of you.
  • Apologize. Even if you do not think you are wrong, much can be accomplished if one spouse is willing to make the first apology.
  • Compromise. Ask your spouse if he or she will be willing to trade one favor for another. Try to figure out what is the most important to you, and be willing to give a little on some other issues.
  • Provide alternative ways to resolve your problem. The more suggestions you can give your spouse, the more likely it is that you will be able to reach a compromise.
  • Save bigger issues for another time. If things are beginning to get heated, or if an issue is not getting resolved, request a night to sleep on it to see if either of you can come up with an alternative solution.

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These are just some suggestions for helping you and your spouse work through any problems you may have and to manage the conflict that can arise from co-parenting. If you have any further questions or could use someone on your side, call Orange County child custody lawyer Bethanie Fanti today at 714-505-3108.

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