To-Do Checklist

An Orange County family lawyer can advise you to take necessary steps in the process of separating you and your spouse’s finances and assets during a divorce. These steps include the following:


  • Prepare a detailed inventory of all the personal property that is in or outside of your home. Take photographs of the higher-end items, and make sure the date stamp on your camera is accurate before shooting.
  • Open a new email account and rent a post office box. This will protect your privacy during phone or Internet communications.
  • Create new passwords for your email addresses, bank accounts, ATM cards, social network sites, and online stores. Request that your spouse return your car’s duplicate key.


  • If you are employed, inform your boss or supervisor that you are in the middle of a divorce. Offer to make up the hours that you will be absent from work.
  • If you are not currently employed, start formulating a plan to obtain a job. This includes writing or updating your resume, researching the job market and potential job prospects, making contacts in your field, and applying for interviews.
  • If you do not have your own health insurance, investigate the availability and cost of maintaining your spouse’s health insurance coverage. Alternatively, compare and look into obtaining separate insurance.


  • Put together and organize records and information about your debts and assets. This includes investment account statements, financial statements, insurance policies, tax returns, bank statements, etc.
  • Begin determining which assets you are willing to part with and which you want to keep.
  • Write a short and concise narrative of your marriage for your Orange County family lawyer. You should include the date you began cohabiting and/or the date you were married, as well as any separations. List your children’s birth dates and when you gained possession of various assets. Itemize assets or property you and your spouse either brought into the marriage or inherited.

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