Did You Know It’s Possible to Lose Custody of your Daughter Over Sandwiches?

Last week a pregnant woman in Honolulu lost custody of her daughter because of sandwiches. Twenty Eight year old Nicole Leszczynski was shopping at the local Safeway Grocery Store and got hunger pains while shopping. Nicole and her husband each decided to have a sandwich and planned to pay for it when she checked out at the register. Unfortunately, Nicole forgot to pay for the sandwiches when she checked out. Nicole and her husband ended up being arrested for shoplifting and temporarily lost custody of their toddler for an entire night. Even though the couple was released from the police station a couple hours later, their daughter had to spend the night with child services.

Most people are not aware how minor something can be when child services intervenes and removes a child from the home. Some are also not as lucky as Nicole and her husband and lose their child for longer than 1 night. It is important to contact a knowledgeable dependency attorney immediately if you find yourself in a similar situation.

Bethanie Fanti has been handling dependency cases for over five years and can assist you in your matter.

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